Today is Roy Jones Jr.’s birthday. Like ten years ago, Roy Jones Jr. bought a semi pro basketball team named the Florida Thrill that played its games in the same city-owned gym that Florida A&M’s teams used in Tallahassee. I used to go to those games with my mother and we would be very literally the only white people. And it was awesome. I would show up to these games with the Michael Jordan Wizards jersey on and the VC Shox, probably wearing jean shorts or something stupid, feeling like the shit. I was 13. I would plant myself in the front row with a basketball and just dribble between my les the whole game. Looking back now I don’t know what the hell I was thinking but regardless…one day Roy Jones Jr. shows up at this gym in the ghetto and actually plays in a game. And at half time they had a free throw shooting contest, Roy Jones Jr. Against someone in the crowd, and they picked ME bitch and I swear on my sweet mother who took me to all those games, I beat mf Roy Jones Jr. in a free throw contest during a half time show and if that’s not one of the greatest things to happen to a 13 year old then I don’t know what is.
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